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Podfic: 50 bucks buys a lot of weed
Notebook & headphones

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Title: 50 bucks buys a lot of weed
Author: mizubyte
Reader: jenepod
Fandom: Bandom, My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 00:10:29
Summary: Mikey calls bullshit and pulls a surprise visit to Gerard's dorm, giving him about 15 minutes to find that awesome pretend boyfriend he keeps talking about. Enter Frank, the stoner in the dorm next door.

Download links (right click save as): MP3 (14 MB) | M4B (4.8 MB)

Or stream it here:

Thanks to paraka for hosting all my podfic!

Reader’s Notes: This was for the Bandom Pretend Dating Festival that pennyplainknits ran a while ago. This is my first MCR podfic, and I think the characterisations could use some work, but it was fun to try them out! (Also, I'm at my parents so I don't have my usual mic - I just used the in computer one instead. It sounds alright but not as good as I would like it to, sorry!) (Originally posted at my regular journal here)

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Oh hey! I just listened to this and really liked it! A lot! You have a lovely voice, and the reading was great, and I thought the pacing worked really well. I'm excited to hear more from you! :D

Oh yay! That's so good to hear. :) Sorry I forgot to link you sooner...

See you tomorrow! \o/

Finally getting to listen to this. I can't stop clapping and gleeing at it!

This fic is pretty close to me heart because I pretty much twisted Miz's arm to write it for me and I think this is a lovely recording of it. Oh man, so smile inducing. :DDDDD


Love it.

Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked it! I really was so nervous about doing a Frank/Gerard one, so it's awesome for someone so into them to say it worked.

Thanks for listening and for the lovely lovely comment. I'm kind of grinning like a loon right now. :D

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